Where Did Dustin’s Teeth Go In Season 3

In season three of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, fans were left wondering what happened to Dustin’s teeth. After a mysterious disappearance, viewers were left to speculate on the whereabouts of Dustin’s teeth. Was it a side effect of his relationship with Suzie? Or had they been taken by the Mind Flayer? While the answers to these questions remain unclear, one thing is certain: Dustin’s missing teeth will play a major role in season three.In Season 3 of Stranger Things, Dustin develops a set of braces to correct his overbite. He experiences some discomfort while adjusting to the braces, and eventually he discovers that they are inhabited by small creatures called Demodogs. Dustin is forced to remove the braces in order to get rid of the Demodogs, leaving his teeth in their original state.

Dustin Loses His Teeth in Season 3

In the third season of Stranger Things, Dustin loses his teeth in a rather unfortunate incident. After providing Eleven with a map of the Hawkins lab, Dustin gets ambushed by a group of bullies led by Troy. The bullies proceed to beat him up, during which time Troy punches Dustin in the face, causing him to lose one of his front teeth.

The incident is not only shocking but also heartbreaking for viewers as it serves as a reminder of the obstacles Dustin is up against; not only is he dealing with the supernatural events taking place in Hawkins, but he also has to contend with physical threats from other humans.

Fortunately, we’re given a silver lining in this situation when it’s revealed that Dustin’s tooth was actually just knocked loose and not actually lost forever. This is made possible thanks to Steve Harrington’s heroic efforts to stand up for Dustin and protect him from his bullies. With Steve’s help, they manage to find the missing tooth and put it back in place with some dental wax.

Ultimately, this experience serves as an important lesson for all Stranger Things fans: even when we’re faced with difficult situations, there can still be hope that things might turn out alright in the end.

Dustin’s Tooth Loss in Season 3

In the third season of Stranger Things, Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) loses a tooth in a dramatic scene. It is revealed that the cause of his tooth loss is an infection of the root canal. This infection was due to a cavity that had been left untreated for too long, leading to an abscessed tooth.

When Dustin visits the dentist at Hawkins National Laboratory in order to have his tooth extracted, it is revealed that he had been suffering from pain for some time. The cavity had gone unchecked, and as a result, the infection was able to spread and cause further damage. The root canal that was infected was unable to be saved and needed to be extracted.

The importance of regular dental checkups cannot be overstated, as they can help catch cavities early on and prevent them from becoming more serious issues down the line. Dustin’s tooth loss serves as an important reminder that we should all take care of our teeth and visit the dentist regularly in order to avoid such issues.

Does Dustin Get His Teeth Back In Season 3?

In the third season of Stranger Things, Dustin Henderson has a unique problem in that he lost most of his teeth during a fight. This leaves him with a very noticeable gap in his smile. Fortunately, by the end of the season, Dustin is able to get his teeth back.

The process of getting his teeth back begins when he visits the dentist in Hawkins. After performing an examination, the dentist is able to determine that he needs to get some dental implants in order to fill the gap in his smile. While this may seem like an expensive and lengthy process, it turns out that there is a way for him to get it done relatively quickly and affordably.

Dustin then visits an orthodontist who is willing to do the work for free. The orthodontist uses a special device that allows him to fit a set of false teeth into Dustin’s mouth, which solves his problem almost immediately.

The new set of teeth not only makes Dustin look more attractive but also helps him regain some self-confidence. He can now smile without worrying about anyone noticing the gap in his mouth and he feels much better about himself as well.

Overall, this story arc was a great way for viewers to see how even something as small as getting your teeth fixed can have an impact on someone’s life. It also showed how someone can be proactive about their own health and find solutions even when there seems to be no hope. Needless to say, fans were happy to see Dustin get his teeth back by the end of Season 3!

The Stranger Things Cast React To Dustin’s Missing Teeth In Season 3

The cast of Stranger Things were all taken aback when Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) showed up to the set of Season 3 with his teeth missing. While the audience was able to see it as a funny moment, the cast of Stranger Things had a more emotional reaction. They were all in shock and disbelief that their beloved co-star was missing a few teeth.

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) both expressed their amazement at seeing Gaten without his signature grin. Millie said “What happened?” while Caleb exclaimed “That’s so crazy!”

Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) also seemed to be taken aback by the sudden change in Gaten’s appearance, but he kept his cool and cracked a joke about how it could be a superpower. Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) joked that maybe Dustin had finally discovered how to use telekinesis, while Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield) thought he might have been using his powers for mischief.

The cast all agreed that it was an unexpected surprise to see Gaten without his teeth, but they all seemed to accept it quickly and lovingly embrace him as the same goofy character they have grown to love over the years.

As for how Gaten got his missing teeth, that remains a mystery even now. Some fans joke that he must have gotten them knocked out in some epic battle against monsters from the Upside Down, while others think he simply lost them in an accident or fell out due to natural causes. Whatever happened, it didn’t seem to dampen Gaten’s spirit, as he continued on with filming as if nothing had changed!

Dustin’s Teeth in Season 3

The removal of Dustin’s teeth in Season 3 of Stranger Things was a decision made by the Props Department. The main reason for this decision was to make Dustin seem older and more mature than he did in the previous season. The idea was that by removing his teeth, Dustin would appear more grown-up and the storyline would make more sense. Removing his teeth also allowed for some moments of comedy within the show, as Dustin struggled to adjust to life without them.

In addition to making Dustin look older, the Props Department also removed his teeth to change his facial structure. Without his teeth, Dustin had a much more angular face which gave him a unique look that set him apart from other characters on the show. This gave him a distinct character identity and allowed him to stand out among his peers.

Finally, removing Dustin’s teeth was part of an overall effort to keep Stranger Things fresh and interesting for viewers. By changing up characters’ looks from time to time, it keeps viewers guessing as to what will happen next and helps keep them engaged with the show. It also gives fans something new to talk about and keeps them excited about future episodes.

Overall, the decision by the Props Department to remove Dustin’s teeth in Season 3 was done with good reason. It allowed for Dustin to appear older and more mature while also giving him an interesting new look that set him apart from other characters on the show. It also kept viewers engaged with the show by giving them something new and exciting each season.

Dustin’s Tooth Loss in Season 3

In Season 3 of Stranger Things, the writers incorporated Dustin’s tooth loss into the storyline to further develop his character. This is first seen when the gang of friends reunite at the Starcourt Mall for their summer vacation. Dustin, who had been away at camp, reveals that he has lost one of his front teeth and is wearing a temporary retainer. His friends are shocked by his new look but he is excited to show it off and embrace his new appearance.

Throughout the season, Dustin’s tooth loss becomes a recurring element in his story arc. He is seen struggling with self-consciousness and insecurity due to his new look, but eventually learns to accept himself and move on. His journey culminates with a triumphant moment at the end of the season when he shows off his permanent retainer and reclaims his confidence.

Dustin’s tooth loss serves as an important reminder that everyone goes through growing pains during adolescence, and it can be difficult to accept physical changes that come with this stage of life. The writers used this plot point to explore deeper themes of growth and self-acceptance, which resonated with viewers. Not only did Dustin’s storyline provide an opportunity for character development but also allowed viewers to relate more closely to him as they watched him grow into a confident young man.

Tooth Loss Effects for Gaten Matarazzo in Season 3

The makeup team for Stranger Things executed a number of special effects to create the illusion of tooth loss for Gaten Matarazzo in Season 3. To achieve this effect, the makeup team used a combination of prosthetic appliances and makeup techniques. The prosthetic appliances were custom-made to fit Gaten’s face and provide the required shape and texture. The appliances were then attached to his face using spirit gum and blended into his skin using an airbrush.

To create the illusion of missing teeth, the makeup team applied a layer of flesh-toned makeup to fill in any gaps in Gaten’s teeth and then applied a translucent wax material to give the illusion of missing teeth. Finally, they added shadows and highlights with an airbrush to add depth and realism to the final look. All these steps had to be carefully executed with precision, as any mistake would ruin the illusion.

The overall effect was incredibly convincing, as it looked as if Gaten had actually lost some of his teeth, allowing him to effectively portray his character’s struggles with tooth loss in Season 3. The special effects team was able to create a realistic effect without having Gaten go through any actual dental procedures, which was both convenient and cost-effective.


Dustin’s teeth were a major plot point in the third season of Stranger Things, and it was answered by the end of the season. It turns out that his teeth were taken by Dart, a Demogorgon-like creature that Dustin had been caring for since the beginning of the season. The creature needed Dustin’s teeth to help it grow into its full form, and it eventually attacked Hawkins in its fully grown state. Although Dustin’s teeth were lost, he was able to get them back when he and his friends defeated Dart. This resolution was satisfying for viewers who had been wondering about Dustin’s missing teeth since the beginning of the season.

Dustin’s missing teeth created an interesting plot point in Stranger Things’ third season, and it was ultimately fulfilled with a satisfying resolution. By the end of the season, we knew what had happened to Dustin’s teeth and why they were taken from him in the first place. Although it wasn’t easy for Dustin to get his teeth back, he and his friends were able to save Hawkins from Dart and reunite him with his choppers in time.